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Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Charles Shapiro, Extension Agronomist shared a recent column of his that I found it to be very interesting, so I thought I’d share it? Do you know your nitrogen use efficiency? (NUE). His column follows: “Do you know your PFP? … Continue reading

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Lawn and Garden

Fertilizing Turf This past week, Bill Kreuser, Assistant Professor and Turfgrass Extension Specialist, shared a Turf iNfo update related to fertilizing our turf that indicates the earlier you apply your fall fertilization the better. Fall nitrogen applications are essential to … Continue reading

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What’s the Ideal Fertilizer?

Yard and Garden Update This past week our Turf Specialists published a Turf iNfo article about “What’s the ideal fertilizer ratio for turfgrass?” Generally in our area, the most important nutrient is nitrogen. In many cases we have adequate phosphorus … Continue reading

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