What’s the Ideal Fertilizer?

th2MM7D7UTYard and Garden Update
This past week our Turf Specialists published a Turf iNfo article about “What’s the ideal fertilizer ratio for turfgrass?” Generally in our area, the most important nutrient is nitrogen. In many cases we have adequate phosphorus and potassium, so one could apply only nitrogen, but eventually those two nutrient would become deficient. An ideal fertilizer ratio would be to replace P and K and keep soil test levels static.

For cool-season turf on our native soils if you remove the clipping a ratio of 4-1-3 (N:P2O5:K2O) would be suggested and if you return the clipping the suggested ratio would be 8-1-4 (N:P2O5:K2O). Check out the complete article at: http://turf.unl.edu/.

We’ve only received .06” of precipitation the past couple of weeks and for the month of October, we’ve received .69”. Turf is beginning to show some signs of water stress, so I ran my irrigation system this weekend.

Continue to mow your turf with a good sharp blade and observe the 1/3 rule. So, don’t remove more than 1/3 with of the leaf surface with anyone mowing. If you have broadleaf weeds, now would be a great time to control them.


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I'm a UNL Extension Educator located in York Nebrasksa. I work primarily in the area of irrigated cropping systems. Water and nitrogen management are areas of importance so that we maintain water quality and quantity.
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